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Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies should not have a singular view of profitability. There needs to be a balance between commerce and social responsibility. The voluntary approach to corporate social responsibility has failed in many cases but Pakistan Innovative Services (Pvt.) Ltd signed MOU with Saviour Welfare Organization to work for the well being of the society & country.

Vladimir Putin said” We need business to understand its social responsibility, that the main task and objective for a business is not to generate extra income and to become rich and transfer money abroad, but to look and evaluate that a businessman has done for the country, for the people on whose account he or she has become so rich.

PIS have shown full dedication on social side and helping Saviour Welfare in designing, implementing and managing its current programs & projects.

Due to lack of education or even educated people intentionally avoid & neglect social responsibility, but we all need to open eyes and contribute as much as we can, as we are one nation and needs unity leading to growth and development.

Saviour Welfare Organization is working in below areas
  • Health                          (Right to Live Healthy)
  • Education                     (Brings Change & Peace)
  • Women Welfare            (Women Participation in economy)
  • Child Protection           (Protection children is everybody’s business)
  • Youth Affairs               (The Duty of Youth is to challenge corruption)
  • Poverty Alleviation       (There is no true freedom until poverty persist)
  • The Environment         (Raise Awareness on the Environment)

Child Abuse Awareness Session at FFC - Mirpur Mathelo.

Child Abuse Awareness Session at FFC - Mirpur Mathelo after FFC - Goth Macchi - Although this is challenging and sensitive topic to talk about but our psychiatrists have done marvelous job, and very well acknowledged by audience (Teachers and Parents). FFC Management we thankyou for your Great Hospitality and arrangement.






Awareness Session of Child Abuse to Teachers and Parents at Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) – Junior School – Goth Macchi.

Dear PIS Team, you have done splendid job, and delivered a stunning awareness Session of Child Abuse to Teachers and Parents at Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) – Junior School – Goth Macchi. We are looking for immense support and assistance from Multinationals companies, Big corporations, UNICEF and Government in order to roll out this Child abuse awareness sessions & workshops to children, teachers and parents throughout Pakistan schools. Glimpses of session through below pics. It was a great hospitality from FFC, very well appreciated.





Glimpses of "Child Abuse Awareness Program - 2018", conducted on 08 Feb 2018 in Private School.







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